Kerala to take strict action against fish contamination


With the seizure of large quantities of fish contaminated with formalin on the Kerala border, Health Minister K K Shailaja has said that strict action will be taken against the offenders.

Noting that contaminating food can’t be accepted or allowed, she said rigorous action will be taken over the incident as a warning to those engaging in such offences, she said.

Almost 10,000 kg of contaminated fish was seized by the Food Safety Department as part of `Operation Sagar Rani’, a mission started last year against poisonous fish being transported to Kerala from other states.

Shylaja said that investigations have proved that fish contaminated with formalin and other poisonous substances were being transported to Kerala. Sagar Rani mission is still continuing.

She also sought help from other departments including Home Ministry.

In the preliminary examination conducted at the Aryankavu check post in Kollam on Monday night, the authorities found that the load from Thuthukudi was contaminated with lethal chemicals namely formalin.

The other day 6000 kilo of prawns contaminated with chemicals was seized at the Walayar check post in Palakkad and 6000 kg of contaminated fishes were seized at Amaravila check post in Thiruvananthapuram

Fish comes to Kerala from Tamil Nadu, Karanataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. About 150 loads of fish is brought here per day.kerala


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