Second man to walk on Moon files Iawsuit against his children


Former astronaut and second man to walk on Moon Buzz Aldrin has filed a lawsuit against two of his children and a former business manager in an effort to retain control over his finances, business affairs and legacy.

Buzz Aldrin, 88, filed the lawsuit on June 7. The suit is directed against two of his three children, Andrew and Janice Aldrin, and his former business manager, Christina Korp.

Aldrin filed the suit soon after his children and Korp asked the state of Florida in May to appoint them as legal co-guardians, claiming that Aldrin is in “cognitive decline” and experiencing bouts of paranoia and confusion.

However, the former astronaut and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom alleged that the family we engaged in elder exploitation by co-opting his legacy and grabbing his money and property.



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