Imran has at least 5 illegitimate children, including in India.


With only a few days left for elections in Pakistan, PTI leader Imran Khan seems to have landed in fresh trouble with his ex-wife Reham Khan’s autobiography portraying the former cricketer as a man who led “a bizarre life” of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”.

In the autobiography, the British-Pakistani journalist said that Imran had told her that he had at least 5 illegitimate children, including some Indians.

She also says in the book about the numerous claims that Imran Khan makes about his love life, including his alleged affair with a Bollywood superstar of the 1970s.

She also alleges that Imran Khan was a free-loader, one who abused politicians. She writes how vegetables and other food items were “never bought” and were gifts by various leaders.

Reham Khan also writes about how Imran never paid heed to several claims of corruption in the system. She also makes startling revelations about Imran’s alleged drug addiction.


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