Kolkata court Summons Tharoor over Hindu- Pakisthan remarks..


Congress leader and Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Hindu-Pakistan’ remarks have landed him in trouble with a Kolkata court on Saturday summoning him over the statement.

The court directed Tharoor to appear before it on August 14 based on a petition filed by Sumeet Chowdhury. In the petition, it is alleged that Tharoor’s comment had hurt religious sentiments and insulted the constitution.

While addressing an event in Thiruvanthapuram, he had said that if the BJP comes to power in 2019, then it will pave the way for creation of a ‘Hindu Pakistan’. The statement has invited widespread criticism from the BJP, which has demaded an apology from AlCC president Rahul Gandhi. However, Tharoor refused to retract and defended his statement.

Meanwhile, the Congrees in the state had come in support of the leader.


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