Whatsapp to restrict forwarding messages to 5 in India


Whatsapp is going to limit forwarding messages in India to just five. Whatsapp is launching this after the government served the platform with a notice to check the spread of fake and provocative content.

In an official blog post, WhatsApp detailed how it is going for a test to “limit forwarding” that will apply to everyone using WhatsApp. And specifically for India, WhatsApp is setting a lower limit of 5 chats at once — the limit for the rest of the world will be 20 messages.

WhatsApp is also removing the quick forward button next to media messages — messages that contain images or video. WhatsApp has said that these restrictions will ensure that the platform remains a private messaging app, and also stops misinformation from spreading.

In its notice, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said it had asked WhatsApp to come out with more effective solutions that can bring in accountability and facilitate enforcement of law in addition to their efforts towards labelling forwards and identifying fake news.



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