Institutions affiliated to RSS created with Government money: Rahul Gandhi


Congress president Rahul Gandhi has alleged that Institutions affiliated to the RSS are being created with the money from the Government. “Whenever RSS and BJP come to power, they siphon money from their respective Governments and build their institutions, ” he said in his opening address at the first meeting of the newly constituted Congress Working Committee (CWC).

” In the short term, we can come together with other parties and win the coming elections. After that, the damage done by the BJP & RSS to India’s institutions will have to be undone. Only the Congress can do this, ” Rahul saInstitutions affiliated to RSS created with Government money: Rahul Gandhi

Stating that the electoral math was clear, he said elections would be won on Opposition Unity. “The day this group of people, together, decides to defeat Modi, we will defeat him and the BJP,” he said.


Rahul told the Congress that expansion of party vote base was one of the biggest tasks. “In each constituency, we have to find people who have not voted for us and develop a strategy to reach out to them and win back their trust,” he said.

On the new CWC, he said they have tried to strike to a balance between the youth and experience in the CWC. The central idea behind the formation of this CWC is to make it inclusive, diverse & dynamic and representative, he said.

“CWC gave voice to every single Indian. It accommodated views from different perspectives and gave space to the weakest voices of India. Our collective challenge is to shape our current CWC to that level,” he said.-


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