Five policemen found guilty in Udaykumar torture death case


The Thiruvananthapuram CBI special court pronounced five policemen, involved in the torture death of Udayakumar at Fort police station, guilty

The guilty policemen include Jithakumar, Sreekumar, Soman, SI T Ajithkumar, CI E K Sabu and AC T K Haridas. One of the accused Soman died during the trial.

The incident happened in 2005 when a police team led by Fort CI nabbed Udaykumar and five others on suspicions of robbery. Udaykumar was found dead in the lock-up two days later.

The Post-mortem analysis report said that a Udaykumar was subject to torture.

The case was first, investigated by the state police and was later handed over to the CBI.


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