Opening Idukki Shutters inevitable; Kerala


With water level in Kerala’s Idukki Dam continued to rise and reached 2,395.90 feet aginst its maximum of 2,403 feet, the Cabinet that met on Wednesday opined that opening of shutters of Idukki dam was inevitable.

The Kerala State Electricity Board had been trying to avoid the opening of the shuters. They said that the situation at present did not warrant the opening of the Idukki dam.

It is known that majority of the ministers at the cabinet meet were for opening te shutters. The ministers did not approve the stand to wait till the dam reaches its full capacity.

Power Minister M M Mani has been entrusted with evaluating the present situation of the dam.

Meanwhile, Idukki district administration said that they were ready to handle the situation if shutters of the dam are opened.

Sources said when the level reaches 2,397 feet, water might be released on a trial basis for one or two hours to find out the possibility of any obstructions or diversions on the route of water flow. The dam’s shutters were last opened in 1992.

The Kerala government has put the army, navy, airforce and coast guard on alert to meet any eventuality in case water is released.

An official release said the shutters will be opened only in daylight and after sufficient notice is given to the public and all stakeholders concerned. There was no need for the public to panic and that the final red alert will be issued when the water level touches 2,399 feet.

Meanwhile, Kerala continued to receive heavy rains in the last 24 hours.


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