Bald is beautiful; Sonali Bendre


“Bald is beautiful,” says actress Sonali Bendre, who is braving a fight against cancer.

On Friendship Day that fell on Sunday, Sonali shared a photograph with her friend Sussanne Khan clicked by actor Hrithik Roshan on Instagram.

“This is me. And in this moment, I am really happy. People give me strange looks when I say that now, but it’s true and I’ll tell you why. I am now paying attention to every moment, looking for every opportunity to find joy and switch on the sunshine’,” Sonali said below the image. She said there are “moments of pain and low energy”.

“But I am doing what I like, spending time with people I love, and feeling very loved and happy. I am extremely grateful to my friends, my pillars of strength, who at a moment’s notice, arrived to be with me and help me through this. In between their busy schedules they find time to visit, call, message, FaceTime… basically never leaving a moment for me to feel alone.

“Thank you for showing me what true friendship is. Happy Friendship Day, ladies.”

She is undergoing a metastatic cancer treatment in New York. Stating that she spends far less time getting dressed now, she said “because I don’t have to fuss over my hair! Bald is beautiful. Find the positive. One day at a time.”


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