Flight operations in Cochin hit following rain


Flight landings at the Cochin International Airport Ltd(CIAL) has been stopped following rising water level in nearby regions due to heavy rains.

”As a measure of precaution, we are stopping Arrival Operation from 1:10 PM today. Please cooperate,” CIAL said in a release.

Sources said flights coming to Cochin had been diverted to nearby airports.

The CIAL was forced to take the decision after one of the shutters of the Idukki Dam, one of the highest arch dam in Asia, has been raised 50 cm as part of the trial run of opening the dam after a gap of 26 years.

The opening of shutters in Edmalayar and Idukki dams will result in the rising water level of Periyar.

The decision to open one of the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam came after the water level in the Idukki reservoir touched 2,399 feet on Thursday morning. The full reservoir level of the dam is 2,403 feet. The dam shutters will be opened after a gap of 26 years.

The Kerala government has issued an alert across the state in light of the unnatural high rain that the state has been receiving since June. People living along Periyar River have been asked to stay cautious.


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