Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan passes away


Former UN secretary-general and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan passed away on Saturday. He was 80.

He died in hospital in Bern, Switzerland, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Annan had served two terms as secretary-general between January 1997 and December 2006. He was the first black African to be appointed as the world?s top diplomat and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work during his eight years in the role.

Announcing the death his family members said it is with immense sadness that that Anan family and the Kofi Anan foundation announce that Kofi Annan passed away peacefully on Saturday 18th August after short illness.

Kofi Annan Foundation said that Kofi Annan was a global Statesman and deeply committed Internationalist who fought throughout his life for a fair and more peaceful world. After stepping down from the United Nations, he continued to work tirelessly in the cause of peace as chairman of the kofi Annan foundation and as chair of the elders the group founded by Nelson Mandela.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in a statement said Kofi Annan was a guiding force for good. “It is with profound sadness that I learned of his passing. In many ways, Kofi Annan was the United Nations. He rose through the ranks to lead the organization into the new millennium with matchless dignity and determination.”

“Like so many, I was proud to call Kofi Annan a good friend and mentor. I was deeply honoured by his trust in selecting me to serve as UN High Commissioner for Refugees under his leadership. He remained someone I could always turn to for counsel and wisdom ? and I know I was not alone. He provided people everywhere with a space for dialogue, a place for problem-solving and a path to a better world. In these turbulent and trying times, he never stopped working to give life to the values of the United Nations Charter. His legacy will remain a true inspiration for all of us, ” he said.


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