Deadly Typhoon Jebi Strikes Japan


A deadly typhoon struck western Japan on Tuesday, causing heavy rain to flood the region. Various news agencies put the toll at five, which they said could increase further.

Named Jebi, it is said to be strongest typhoon to hit the country in a quarter of a century. As many as 150 people were injured.

The storm prompted the government to order more than 16,000 people in nine cities to evacuate, with an additional 1.2 million people advised to evacuate in 10 prefectures in southern Japan.

Reports say that about 800 flights were canceled and several rail lines, including bullet train services, were suspended. A fuel collided into a bridge linking Kansai International airport to city. Kansai International Airport near Osaka was closed because of severe flooding, leaving about 2,600 people stranded inside.


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