Kerala says central assistance provided for flood insufficient


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday said that the central assistance provided for flood was insufficient.

Speaking to reporters at Thiruvananthapuram he said that the Centre provided Rs 546 crore to Karnataka when flood affected only one of its districts. It gave Rs 2300 crore for Uttarakhand and had given Rs 940 crores for Chennai when flood affected in 2015. However, Kerala which has seen the worst flood was ignored, Vijayan alleged.

The Centre has provided only Rs 600 crore. The state government will have to pay support price for the ration provided during flood. This will amount to Rs 265.74 crore. Hence in effect the aid provided will be only Rs 334.26 crore,he said.

Raising concern over not sanctioning the foreign visits of Kerala ministers seeking aid,Vijayan said they not only cancelled the visits of Kerala ministers abroad but also did not allow to accept foreign aid.

He said that the study conducted by World Bank officials and UN representatives have estimated a loss of Rs 31000 crore. Kerala has applied for a loan of Rs 2500 crore at NABARD.


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