Modi will come and go but India will remain eternal: Narendra Modi in Mann ki Baat


“Modi will come and go, but this country will remain eternal, our culture will remain immortal,’’ Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his monthly radio broadcast’Mann Ki Baat’ that completed 50 episodes on Sunday.

He said that he deliberately kept “politics” out of ‘Mann ki Baat’ as the programme was about the aspirations of the people and not his or the government’s achievements.

He also remembered a man once asking how much he prepared for the programme. He said his answer was “nothing…because ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is the voice of 130 crore Indians. What is shared is their ideas and inputs.”

‘Mann Ki Baat’ manifests the spirit of young and aspirational India, an India that will not easily accept status quo, an India that is at the forefront of innovation and vibrancy,Modi said.

‘Mann Ki Baat’ is about the inherent strength of our society. It is about the power of collective efforts to bring a positive change in India.

Modi also said he chose radio as a medium to connect with the people as it was a “mighty means” of getting across.
Narrating the story of how the idea for a Radio programme came to him, he said that it was during a trip to Himachal Pradesh in 1998 that he got the idea. He said that he saw a dhaba (eatery) owner in a secluded terrain getting news and information from the radio. The man was seen to be overjoyed by listening to the radio and the words of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was heard saying that it was the day India conducted its atomic test.

“Since then, it has always been in my mind that radio is linked to the masses and has a lot of power,” PM Modi said


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