Pakistan could seek India’s help if it cannot handle terrorism alsone: rajnath Singh


Home Minsiter Rajnath Singh said in Jaipur that Pakisthan could seek India’s help if it cannot handle terrorism alone.

“I want to ask Pakistan Prime Minister that if in Aghanistan, a fight can be carried out against terror and Taliban with the help of the United States, Pakistan can seek help against terrorism from India if it feels that it cannot handle it alone,” he said.

Thouigh not completely claiming that terrorism had stopped, Singh said that there have not been any major terrorist activities in the country in the last four years. He said taht terrorism was only confined to Kashmir where also the situation wasw improving. He mentioned taht panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir was conducted successfully.

Noting that the country and its borders are safe, Singh said that Terrorism has slowed down and the problem of Maoism will get eliminated from the country in the coming years.


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