Seven year old Ryan makes 29.8 million dollars reviewing toys in You tube


Ryan, the seven year old boy who plays and reviews toys on You Tube has made 29.8 million dollars, according to Forbes. He tops the table in Forbes’ ranking of this year’s 10 highest-paid YouTubers in the world. 

His channel, Ryan ToysReview, has as many as 17.3 million subscribers. The seven year old boy has surpassed a number of well-known YouTubers on this year’s list, beating 21-year-old actor and YouTube personality Jake Paul who earned $22,500,000 this

Ryan’s videos have become so successful that he now even has his own line of toys. His line of toys includes a Giant Mystery Egg, which is filled with different toys including slime, lights, and a limited edition squishy toy.  
Ryan’s mother, a former high school chemistry teacher, has quit her job to work full-time on her son’s channel. His father works as a structural engineer.  


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