Doctor uses electric shock to treat on homosexuals


In a bizarre incident, a doctor in New Delhi used electric shock to treat gay and lesbian people, saying homosexuality was a “genetic mental disorder”.

Though Dr P K Gupta was de-barred by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC), he was still indulged in such practice, which had led the DMC register a complaint against him.

In the complaint, the DMC said that the council had debarred Dr Gupta from practising in Delhi. However, the doctor continued to practise in the national capital and indulge in such bizarre treatments methods .

The court had said that treatment given by doctors as a part of “conversion therapy” was not recognised either by medical science or by legislature. Conversion therapy is an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation using psychological or spiritual interventions.

The court also noted that a person found practising without registration, even qualified, shall be liable for action specified by the council. The court, in its summons, also referred to the judgement on homosexuality delivered by the Supreme Court which had decriminalised consensual sexual acts between two adults in private.


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