Kerala well ahead in preparations to tackle monsoon infections


Thiruvananthapuram: Months ahead of the monsoon, Kerala has started to make preparations for curtailing outbreak of contagious diseases during the rainy days. A health alert meeting was convened by the government the other day as part of the preparations.

Addressing the meeting, Kerala Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that monsoon cleaning should start well before the season so that nothing is left unchecked. He pointed out the cleaning drive should begin from the ground level ie panchayat level. The chief Minister mentioned that the drive should be done with the participation of the public in preventing epidemics.

The health alert meeting was attended by ministers, officials from the health directorate and other offices.

In the meeting, the roles of each of the department were discussed in detail. It was suggested that there should be a proper planning and that cleaning was done in a proper way. One of the issues that was widely discussed was with respect to disposal of removable wastes. Another suggestion made was that all the drinking water sources should be cleaned up before the rains.

With summer in coming months, the meeting also took stock of preparations that has to be done at this time. It was suggested to prepare for proper rain water harvesting during the summer season. The meeting noted that canals, ponds and other water sources and canals should be cleaned up.

Health Minister Shylaja said that the state had seen less of infectious diseases last year during monsoon because of the preparations made much earlier to it. Pointing out that only 32 dengue deaths were reported in 2018 when compared to 165 in 2017, she said that all this happened because of early preparations. She also stated that this monsoon season could also be better in containing infectious diseases if the preparations are started well in advance like the previous years.

The meeting decided to put the district level surveillance under the supervision of ministers. Mosquito eradication, cleaning campaigns, awareness classes and campaigns, strengthening of ward level health committees were all discussed at the meeting.

The review and monitoring of the works of contagious preventative committees will be done by the respective district collectors.

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