Kerala again misses AIIMS


By Anupama Vimal

Kerala, which has been hoping of getting a centre of All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, has once again been left in the lurch with the union Budget ignoring the years long demand of the state.
Highly placed sources told IndianFlash that Kerala has been ignored even though the state had identified land for setting up the centre as per the suggestions put forth by the Centre.
“At least in the election year, we had hoped that AIIMS centre in kerala would be mentioned in the Union Budget. But that did not happen. This only means that AIIMS is only a distant dream for the state,” they said.
Moreover, they pointed out the Centre had in recent times allotted AIIMS centres to some states, completely ignoring the state.
It was in 2003 that the Centre decided to set up AIIMS centres in states. Despite the state government identifying land for setting up the Centre, there was no response from the Centre. After AIIMS centre was allotted to Tamil Nadu, Telangana and a few other states recently, the sources said that the state government had given a detailed report to the Centre on the issue.
Though there were hopes that AIIMS centre would be allotted during the tenure of the present Central government, sources said that there was only a little chance that it would be materialised this year as election notification would be out in a month.

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