Nothing Wrong in Performing Purification ritual at Sabarimala; Tantri

By Indianflash News Service

Thiruvananthapuram;  Sabarimala  Tantri Kandararu Rajeevaru on Monday justified the purification ritual that he carried out in the hill shrine following the entry of two women. In his explanation to the Travancore Dewaswam board, he said that it was a practice followed whenever a tradition and custom is breached.

He said that there was nothing wrong in performing the purification ritual and it was based on custom and tradition of the temple. The Devaswom Board had sought an explanation from the Tantri following the purification ritual that he performed at Sabarimala after two women entered the hill shrine

The shrine was closed for about an hour on January 2 following the entry of two women, which had created much chaos and tension.

Rajeevaru said that he had performed the purification after consultation with the Dewaswam Board. He also mentioned that he had done his duty and there was nothing wrong in what he has done.

The Dewaswam Board will meet in the coming day and discuss the explanation given by the Tantri. The Board had served a notice on the Tantri, stating that the purification ritual was a violation of the Supreme Court order that allowed all women entry into the temple.

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